Hammer Selection Guide

Choosing the right hammer is essential to your productivity and operating cost.

All Halco hammers are built to last and manufactured to an exceptional standard. Our hammers provide the outstanding performance and productivity expected by drillers worldwide.

Versatility and variety are key to Halco products and you can be assured that all Halco hammers are suitable for a wide range of rock drilling applications.

All our high performance hammers are built at our state-of-the-art lean manufacturing plant using the highest quality heat treated nickel chrome alloy steels and processes that meet ISO 9001:2008 standards. It is imperative to Halco that every hammer we produce surpasses your expectations and we constantly strive to improve our service and product quality.


Superior Range

Halco’s Superior range are the obvious choice for the Oil & Gas industry where both maximum speed and reliability are expected.

Standard features of the Superior range include diamond enhanced drill bits and a bit catcher system. Variable bypass ports have been added to the top adaptor as well as live air bleed pistons. Together these features give the driller the ability to inject greater volumes of air and drilling additives to increase the uphole velocity required to drill deeper holes. click here to view this range

RC Range

The Halco reverse circulation (RC) product range has been designed to give maximum performance in Exploration and Grade Control applications.

Unlike standard DTH hammers, RC hammers return the rock cuttings back to the surface through the internals of the hammer and drill string.

Geologists worldwide trust Halco RC products to help them explore prospects and identify mineral lithologies.

Dominator Range.

The Dominator range of hammers offer higher performance and are ideally suited for medium to higher air pressures in blast-hole applications.
This design is simple with fewer components, which makes servicing and onsite maintenance easy. With a range of heavy duty models on offer this extends the life of the hammer considerably.

Mach Range

This is a proven hammer which has been around for over 35 years. Designed for all kinds of drilling conditions but excels in overburden drilling due to the high frequency with less blow energy, particularly in unstable ground conditions.
This hammer can drill smaller diameters than the standard range and is ideal for civil engineering applications.

GP Range

The GP series offers breakthrough performance across some of the most challenging applications. The robust non ported piston design dramatically improves drilling performance when operating under a column of water.

A built-in choke facility allows the driller to adjust the volume of air through the hammer to optimise cutting evacuation.