5″ RC 500 Metzke 4.5

The Halco RC500 has been designed to give maximum performance in Exploration and Grade control applications. The integral adaptor housing allows easy access to the long lasting sample tubes. The enhanced performance stems from a simple robust design that reduces complicated maintenance procedures, providing less down time and greater savings.

The RC500 also features improved flushing characteristics from high velocity air flow directed through the drill bit.
A variety of thread connections are available which includes options for both Remet and Metzke. The RC500 is equipped with an integral Drill Bit Catcher system for added peace of mind. It also has a sub adaptor body to suit most dual wall drill pipes.

The design features of the new RC500 combine to give an increase in drilling ROP, an increase in service life, and most importantly, greater sample recovery quality.

Drill bit diameters of 137 – 146 mm (5 3/8” – 5 3/4”). Collaring bit diameter of 189mm (7 1/2”).
Suitable for operation at air pressures of 300-600 psi.